Looking for Support?

Because while blogs are helpful- nothing is better that personal relationships and real living breathing love and support. So I am looking to create new and build on existing support groups for women facing life with no children of their own.

Your Entries will be visible to all once you have signed in on my guest book.

This in not for infertile women still trying to conceive- there are already many many groups out there for you and I strongly encourage you to seek them out.

But for those like me -If you know of a group or have ideas and suggestions to create one Please post here and include Group Name- Location - and contact information and alittle bit about you. I am not looking for facebook groups and such - but real live support groups that can find ways to get together locally and love and support each other in facing the pain of childlessness.

Website May. 25, 2015


I will Start: I am looking to create/start a group in the Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington area. If you are interested please message me via this site or my email listed below.